Gifted Culture is a Philadelphia based apparel company founded by Dejah Williams in 2020. During the pandemic the sport she loved (basketball) was taken away from her due to a global pandemic and she took it upon herself to create platform for all athletes around the world to embrace themselves outside of their sport. Now, Gifted Culture is a company run by a young, hungry, and ambitious team who works with a purpose: to inspire everyday and live by the culture you possess


GIFTED CULTURE products allow clients to express themselves in a way that no one else can while looking and feeling good

GIFTED CULTURE understands that you are born into your own Culture and you possess a Gift that no one else could ever have. 

Wearing the GIFTED CULTURE brand allows others to improve and embrace their self image and confidence. Whether it be music, photography, singing, dancing, writing, athleticism etc. Let there be light on whatever makes you, YOU! Be true to your gift and… LIVE BY THE CULTURE YOU POSSESS. 

Join in the mission. Embrace your Gifted and express your Culture. And don’t forget to check out the Gifted Culture Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.